--- Comment #2 from Matthew <> ---
(In reply to Robert-André Mauchin from comment #1)

Thank you very much for the comments.

> Just preliminary comments:
>  - Split your Requires on multiple lines

>  - Is it really necessary to split the python part into a separate library
> package? It doesn't seem to be used as a library, only as a binary.

I did this after asking a few questions in the #fedora-devel irc. They seemed
to indicate that it was abnormal to not split python packages this way to make
future python 3 support easier to setup. Is that incorrect?

>  - Python2 is EOL soon, it would be better to build with Python 3 instead,
> unless it's incompatible.

Currently the application is incompatible. There is a bug filed in github here
( but no major work has been
put into it yet.

>  - add a comment to explain why the patch is needed
Sure thing. While I rebuild the package, the patch moves the
accuraterip-checksum binary from /usr/local to /usr/bin to comply with the
packaging guidelines

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