--- Comment #3 from Robert-André Mauchin <> ---

> It looks as though the test binary "test_QEverCloud" is indeed getting built 
> according to the log file. Is it possible to run these in %check?

Good catch. I added the test and it is successful.

> This was recently discussed on the devel list. The takeaway from the change 
> proposal page seems to be that this is fine if you only want to support 
> Fedora 28+, but if you want to backport this to older releases, make sure to 
> add the ldconfig post scriplets (or use the new macros):

I added %ldconfig_scriptlets as I intend to support F27.

> You're missing a 'BuildArch: noarch' for the doc package.

Yes, thank you.

> it should just depend on qt5-qtbase.

-doc now depends on qt5-qtbase.

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SPEC diff:

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