--- Comment #10 from Ilya Gradina <> ---
(In reply to Vít Ondruch from comment #9)
> Oh, you are applying the latest packaging techniques (unpacking the gem via
> %setup), very nice :)
> However, the "rspec -Ilib spec ||:" is too hand-wavy. If the test suite
> fails entirely, you won't notice. I would rather see the tests disabled one
> by one or some explanation at minimum.
> Why are the Guard::RSpecFormatter tests failing anyway? It seems the time is
> now formatted differently. Is it Ruby 2.5 thing? Or some incompatibility
> with latest RSpec? Isn't there patch available upstream already?

Hi Vit, thanks for the remarks.
I had two kinds of errors: Guard::RSpec::RSpecProcess, Guard::RSpecFormatter.
Option "rspec --tag ~..." did not work for me, so I used "--exclude-pattern".

new spec:
new srpm:

also there is open issue with Guard::RSpecFormatter:

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