--- Comment #13 from Vít Ondruch <> ---
(In reply to Jaroslav Prokop from comment #11)
> The Guard::RSpec::RSpecProcess failures are happening because bundler is
> needed for them and the upstream does not seem to mention that or require it
> at all in the file.

Well, upstream is executing the test suite using Bundler, so in that case
Bundler is always loaded. The question is if we want to include Bundler as
build dependency or not. Both options have their pros/cons.

(In reply to Ilya Gradina from comment #10)
> (In reply to Vít Ondruch from comment #9)
> > Why are the Guard::RSpecFormatter tests failing anyway? It seems the time is
> > now formatted differently. Is it Ruby 2.5 thing? Or some incompatibility
> > with latest RSpec? Isn't there patch available upstream already?
> Hi Vit, thanks for the remarks.
> I had two kinds of errors: Guard::RSpec::RSpecProcess,
> Guard::RSpecFormatter. Option "rspec --tag ~..." did not work for me, so I
> used "--exclude-pattern".
> new spec:
> rspec.spec

You still don't have any remark in the .spec file why you exclude the tests :(
That is always very essential to understand why something was done.

> also there is open issue with Guard::RSpecFormatter:

This does not appear to be related. I'd say that a bit more related is

because it enables upstream to test against more recent versions of Ruby,
although it still does not include tests against Ruby 2.5 or ruby-head :(

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