Bug ID: 1546648
           Summary: Review Request: perl-IO-Socket-Socks - Provides a way
                    to create socks (4 or 5) client or server
           Product: Fedora
           Version: rawhide
         Component: Package Review
          Severity: medium
          Priority: medium
        QA Contact:

Spec URL:

IO::Socket::Socks connects to a SOCKS proxy and tells it to open a connection
to a remote host/port when the object is created. The object you receive can be
used directly as a socket (with IO::Socket interface) for sending and receiving
data to and from the remote host. In addition to creating a socks client, this
module could be used to create a socks server.

Fedora Account System Username: pghmcfc

This package is needed to update perl-Net-SSH-Perl to the current version.

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