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(In reply to Sergio Monteiro Basto from comment #66)
> (In reply to Hans de Goede from comment #64)
> > (In reply to Sergio Monteiro Basto from comment #63)
> > > But , shared folder will work ? 
> > 
> > See comment 58.
> I do not understood the comment 58 , do we need build vboxsf.ko or not to
> work right now ? 

Right now for rawhide you still need to build vboxsf.ko.

> (In reply to Hans de Goede from comment #65)
> > Ok, I've just imported virtualbox-guest-additions-5.2.6-4 (with one small
> > fix over the last version posted here) and started a build for it for
> > rawhide.
> > 
> > Please disable the guest-additions sub-package in the rpmfusion package.
> In next iteration I will , is not a priority ... , everything still work
> without any problem ...
> > If you want to test this with vboxsf, here is a standalone version of vboxsf
> > which will build against the vboxguest included in the 4.16-rc1+ kernels in
> > rawhide:
> > 
> >
> So this code , can be add to VirtualBox-kmodsrc-5.2.x ? to build vboxsf.ko ? 

Yes, with this code you can use the vboxguest which ships with 4.16-rc1+ in
rawhide and build a vboxsf.ko against it.

Note you only need to build vboxsf for rawhide, vboxguest is already there and
should not be replaced.

> But I remember back here because I have others question. We (RPMFusion) also
> support epel7 and I remember to ask if you think have guest-additions on
> epel7 ? and BTW if F27 also will have this package ?

I do not plan to add this package to EPEL7.
I also will not add this package to F27.

> ah (I almost forgot) and I'd like to know , please, if modules still in
> staging or not , I'd like talk with Larry Finger from opensuse and a friend
> which is the package maintainer of Debian and I don't know where the modules
> are, to tell them ... 

The vboxguest driver lives under drivers/virt. vboxvideo is still in



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