--- Comment #10 from Athos Ribeiro <> ---
(In reply to Peter Oliver from comment #9)
> I notice that
> states:
> > Boolean operations on paths based on a super fast polygon clipper library 
> > by Angus Johnson
> However, this Clipper library is released under the Boost Software License,
> not the MIT licence which BooleanOperations claims.  The Boost Software
> License require that this licence is preserved in derivatives.
> I have raised
> upstream, asking them to clarify the situation.

BooleanOperations is not a derivative work of pyclipper. It is not a derivative
of the clipper library as well and pyclipper itself is not a derivative work of
the clipper library.

- pyclipper is a set of python bindings for the clipper library (this is not a
derivative, it just uses the library).

- BooleanOperations is a python package that uses (imports) pyclipper, which
does not mean it is a derivative as well.

Derivative works would be modifications on top of the software in question.

Just to be sure, I am rasing Fedora legal flag.

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