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--- Comment #1 from Lubomir Rintel <> ---
0.) Please remove a useless comment:

> # procedure for package renaming is 

1.) Please drop the useless macro:

> %global source_name firefox-pkcs11-loader

Use %{name} in place of %{source_name}

2.) Don't mix tabs and spaces:

> # old name was firefox-esteidpkcs11loader
> Obsoletes:              firefox-esteidpkcs11loader
            Please replace this with spaces.

3.) Please use macros consistentlt:

> %dir %{_prefix}/lib/mozilla/pkcs11-modules/
> %_prefix/lib/mozilla/pkcs11-modules/onepinopenscpkcs11.json
  %{_prefix} here

4.) Missing dependency on firefox-filesystem

You install files into %{_prefix}/lib/mozilla and
%{_datadir}/mozilla/extensions that are owned by it

5.) Summary is too long

> Summary:        Helper script for Firefox that sets up the browser for 
> authentication with Estonian ID-card

And doesn't seem to make sense -- what package ships is not a script.
A better choice would be something like:
"Estonian ID-card authentication support for Firefox"

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