--- Comment #72 from Nicolas Chauvet (kwizart) <> ---
Just for been clear. The original problem with fdk-aac was never about patent
(at least on the 3rd party level). It's all about copyright.

You are not changing anything to the copyright if the patent is expunged from
the library. So, the library still has to be considered as non-floss 
The uncertainty about the license condition would still apply.

Now about RPM Fusion. We have a non-replacement policy for fedora packages in
our default enabled repositories. So if you still decide to introduce this
broken package (both legally and technically), then we will move our fdk-aac to
a side repository that will need to be explicitly enabled.

As I haven't see anyone to volunteer to maintain the fdk-aac-nonfree
complementary package. It means that you will provide that package by default
to users. And I'm afraid that without the complementary package, many users
will have a broken experience of he-aac with fedora.

The point is. If the goal was to restore the support relying on the external
repository policy. Why just not only to rely on it in the first step and drop
the fedora fdk-aac package ?

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