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Archiving the project: suspending the development #15344

Due to the lack of active contribution, I am going to archive this project

At some point in the future, if we pick up the development again (such as
#15341, #15342, #15343), the project will be unarchived.

With that, all the earlier plans regarding PhantomJS 2.5 (from @Vitallium) or
2.1.x (from @pixiuPL) will be abandoned effective immediately. Consequently,
the source and binary packages for the above abandoned version will be removed
to avoid any confusions. PhantomJS version 2.1.1 will remain the last known
stable release until further notice.

To keep the source repository in a sane situation:

    the master branch will be preserved under the new bleeding-edge branch.
    after that, the master branch will be restored back to the approximate
state of v2.1.1

That way, if anyone wants to improve PhantomJS for their own usages (internal
fork, in-house patches), the master branch can still serve as a good baseline.
It can still be built from source and it will still work on macOS, Linux, and

I assume, we should close this review request, as the project upstream is dead.

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