--- Comment #3 from Randy Barlow <> ---
(In reply to Robert-André Mauchin from comment #2)
> It seens to also be compatible with python 2, you don't want to provide the
> Py2 package?

I don't for two reasons:

0. According to the FPC, Python 2 packaging is now optional. My opinion is that
   we additionally don't want to encourage additional potential dependencies on
   Python 2 packages.
1. The upstream package says it supports Python 2, but that's only if you use install. Fedora additionally runs bytecompiling on all .py files,
   this project includes some .py files that have invalid syntax for Python 2:

   In order to get this package built for Python 2, I would have to do some
   patching to remove all non-Python 2 compatible code so that Fedora's byte
   compiling will succeed. Due to 0., I would rather not expend this effort.

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