--- Comment #12 from Dridi Boukelmoune <> ---
It turned out network was not available during the build and dnf installed
whatever was in my cache according to the root.log file.

If I look at redhat-rpm-config now it's fine:

    <mock-chroot> sh-4.4# rpm -qR redhat-rpm-config | grep annobin
    (annobin if gcc)

While fedora-review is processing, I have a couple comments:

> sed -i "/STRIP ?= strip/d" Makefile

You don't need to touch the Makefile as the strip target is phony and optional,
building and installing doesn't lead to running the target. If you would like
to future proof this, you can neuter it this way:

    %make_build STRIP=/bin/true

I lean towards not altering the sources when I can help it, but I don't see
this as a problem.

> %make_install PREFIX=%{_prefix}

Upstream's Makefile should replace instances of `install` with $(INSTALL) to
allow %make_install to honor the -p flag (as is done for manual installation of
*sh completion scripts).

> %autosetup -p1 -n %{name}-%{version}

You don't need the -n flag in %autosetup since upstream's tarball already
matches the pattern expected by default.

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