--- Comment #2 from Ian Hattendorf <> ---
(In reply to Robert-André Mauchin from comment #1)
>  - This shouldn't be needed, instead make your devel subpackage noarch.
> # Header only library
> %global debug_package %{nil}
>  - Not needed in Fedora:
> Group:                Development/Libraries
>  - Test failures on bid-endian machines
> Have you reported it upstream?
> I'm not able to sponsor you, try introducing yourself on the fedora-devel
> mailing list and do informal reviews to show you understand the guidelines.

Thanks for the comment. I've removed the deprecated Group tag and added a link
to the upstream issue report. I've also added BuildRequires: gcc-c++.

Regarding noarch, I thought that wasn't recommended for header only libraries?

"It may be tempting to make the header library package noarch, since the header
files themselves are simply text. However, a library should have tests which
should be run on all architectures. Also, the install process may modify the
installed headers depending on the build architecture. For these reasons,
header-only packages must not be marked noarch."

If that's outdated or not recommended in this case, it should be easy enough to
switch to noarch. The cmake files would need to be moved from _libdir to
_datadir, and the gliVersion.cmake file patched to ignore system pointer size.

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