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--- Comment #3 from Iwicki Artur <> ---
>Release: 0%{?dist}
This should start at 1.

>Source0: gluster-collectd-%{version}-%{_release}.tar.gz
It's preferred for Source0 to be a downloadable URL.

>cp -r conf/* %{buildroot}/%{_confdir}/
>cp -r types/* %{buildroot}/usr/share/collectd/
You should aim to preserve file timestamps. Use "cp -a" or "cp -rp". 

Also, the linked copr build failed.
>+ '%{__python2}' build
>BUILDSTDERR: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.JzTM17: line 31: fg: no job control
The "no job control" error usually means that the macro failed to expand and
the shell is interpeting the "%" as job control. You may need to add a
BuildRequires for "python2-rpm-macros".

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