--- Comment #9 from Javier Martinez Canillas <> ---
(In reply to dac.override from comment #4)
> tpm2-abrmd-1.2.0/selinux/tabrmd.te:
> allow tabrmd_t self:unix_dgram_socket { create_socket_perms };
> redundant: provided by logging_send_syslog_msg(tabrmd_t)
> system/logging.te#L691
> Questionable (can you reproduce this?): 
> # This next bit doesn't belong here. It should be exposed through an
> # interface likely from the dbus policy module.
> gen_require(`
>     type system_dbusd_t;
> ')
> allow system_dbusd_t tabrmd_t:unix_stream_socket { read write };
> If you can reproduce this then it should be inside the below optional block
> (no need to require type system_dbusd_t:
> optional_policy(`
>     dbus_system_domain(tabrmd_t, tabrmd_exec_t)
> ')

Can you please take a look to the latest version of the policy module? Lukas
already fixed tpm2-abrmd upstream:

 > Your tabrmd.if file is useless (its like a library providing interfaces
> required to interact with your domain).

Do you mean that it can just be removed? Sorry for the silly question but I'm
not that familiar with SELinux.

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