--- Comment #26 from Javier Martinez Canillas <> ---
(In reply to dac.override from comment #25)
> Basically the way I see it is that this modularization effort requires that
> the headers are alway's installed if policy is installed. That then means
> that the various policy-devel packages need to alway's be installed.

Right, and then selinux-policy would need a BuildRequires dependency with
tpm2-abrmd-selinux-devel (and all the -devel packages exporting interfaces).
But then it won't be an independent SELinux policy module anymore as explained
in the IndependentPolicy guideline...

So I think that we have these options:

a) Due as you propose and make selinux-policy-contrib to BuildRequires

b) Not having a tpm2-abrmd-selinux package and instead add the tpm2-abrmd AV
rules to selinux-policy-contrib.

c) Just have "allow system_dbusd_t tabrmd_t:unix_stream_socket { read write }"
in optional_policy as you first suggested.

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