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 - That's not good:

#Use tarball to address build issue.
Source0:        gerbera-1.1.0-2f6dcb5e94.tar.gz

  If you're packaging a snapshot, just use:

%global commit          2f6dcb5e941dce3ace651394cfa86b862becaa77
%global shortcommit     %(c=%{commit}; echo ${c:0:7})
%global snapshotdate    20180413

Name:           gerbera
Version:        1.1.0
Release:        1.%{snapshotdate}git%{shortcommit}%{?dist}
Summary:        UPnP Media Server
License:        GPLv2


%autosetup -n %{name}-%{commit}

   And the %changelog:

* Fri Apr 13 2018 Gwyn Ciesla <> -

 - You're missing the dist tag:

Release:        1.%{snapshotdate}git%{shortcommit}%{?dist}

 - %{__make} %{?_smp_mflags} → %make_build

 - make install DESTDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT INSTALL="install -p" → %make_install

 - %{__install}, %{__mkdir_p}, %{__cat} don't bring anything, just use install,
mkdir -p and cat.

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