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--- Comment #1 from Lubomir Rintel <> ---
This is done rather well overall. Some details need need to be addressed before
this can be imported, see below.

* Package named correctly
* Packaging the most recent upstream release
* License tag is correct
* The license is good for Fedora
* The SPEC file is clean and legible
* Macros are used consistently
* Package builds fine in mock -- BRs correct
* Filelist sane
* Requires/provides look good
* Follows modern Python 3 packaging standards

0.) This is an architecture independent package

You should set "BuildArch: noarch". Then remove this:

> %global debug_package %{nil}

I guess you added that because the rpmbuild complained of empty debuginfo?

1.) Buildroot tar is obsolete:

> BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-build

2.) In general, when adding patches, comment on their upstreaming status

> Patch0001: 0001-docker-source-Avoid-skopeo-copy-in-cache.patch
> Patch0002: 0002-docker-source-Get-list-of-layers-without-raw.patch
> Patch0003: 0003-docker-source-Support-blobs-without-.tar-ext.patch
> Patch0004: 0004-safe_untar-Check-for-permissions-to-set-attribs.patch

If they are upstream backports, just say so. If you're involved with upstream
development perhaps you can get new version released?

3.) Drop the %defattr tag

> %defattr(-,root,root)

It's not needed by any of the RPM versions that are relevant these days.

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