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package review

Ah jeez this review file is long, no wonder it took so long. My favorite part
is the line saying that other packages own /lib/.build-id owned by this
package, and then it lists the other packages, which is every package in
Fedora. So good.

But anyway good news most of it is garbage or complaining about things that
don't apply to haskell. Here's the highlights:

* The docs are too dang big. I think juhp is maybe working on something for
that in cabal-rpm? I don't know, but The Guidelines are clear that we have to
be as hostile as possible to developers if docs are over 1MB.
is how I did it (split -devel.files into -devel-doc and -devel-nodoc in
%install), and remove the -doc Provides from -devel

* Nothing owns %{_libexecdir}/%{pkgver}. Just add that to %files.

* We misspelled "included" in the desscription. That can wait for later since
we can just blame upstream for now.

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