--- Comment #1 from Mamoru TASAKA <> ---
1. Review

* license okay
  - MIT for all files
* spec file 
* mock build okay
* rpmlint okay for src.rpm, binary rpm, installed rpm
* installable for F-32
* basic functionality okay (as documentated on "Usage" of
[mockbuild@1a996dddfd3e4efb85d341420b9e76a2 ~]$ ruby -e 'require "kramdown" ;
require "kramdown-parser-gfm" ; text="This ~~is a complex strike through *test
~~with nesting~~ involved* here~~." ; puts, input:
<p>This <del>is a complex strike through *test ~~with nesting</del> involved*

2. Advice
* BR
  - I would recommend to write "BuildRequires:  rubygem(kramdown) >= 2.0"
because on F-31 and below rubygem-kramdown is still 1.7.x and
    this srpm is incompatible on those branches (not a blocker for review)

By the way do you plan to import this also on F-31? If so I will coordinate it.

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