--- Comment #5 from Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek <> ---
> LEMS is an acronym, so yes, I'd like to keep it in uppercase.

The problem is that nobody can remember the exact casing of packages when
they're not using the package regularly, and a name like "jLEMS" or
"python-PyLEMS" is simply a PITA. For example, the name of the Python
project starts with an uppercase letter, but the package name is still
lowercase. Note that with pylems with have "py" and "Py" in the name of one

It's the same story with dashes-vs-underscores: projects are not consistent,
and then it becomes hard to remember which one was used. Settling on a
consistent and easy-to-memorize policy avoids the issue.
> Package names SHOULD be in lower case and use dashes in preference to 
> underscores.

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