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koji scratch build:

- Own provided directories: as requested.
- More robust file renaming: it failed if all backends were disabled, because
rename didn't find any file to rename.
- Rename wrapper(64) subpackages to netlib(64): I think this is more
appropriate. Also, if we change %{default_backend} to "netlib", then these
packages just require themselves.
- Conditionalize all external libraries, as well as the default: now I'm using
%bcond_without for all the backends, so that it's easy to disable them if there
is any issue with them. And the %{default_backend} changes automatically to
"netlib" if OpenBLAS is not available.
- Disable Blis64 on s390x, which is currently unavailable: basically, Blis
doesn't detect 64-bit capabilities on that platform, and those packages are
just 32-bit builds. Reported in

About the main package, I'm reluctanct to require either netlib or netlib64,
because that would pull that version too for all the packages linking to the
other one. There are two use cases for FlexiBLAS:

1) another package links against it, so when a user install such a package, the
required FlexiBLAS bits are installed too, but the user is completely unaware
of that;
2) the user knows about FlexiBLAS and actually wants to install it to use it
for a local build; then the user needs to install flexiblas-devel, not

So basically there's no use case for the main package alone.

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