--- Comment #20 from Simone Caronni <> ---
(In reply to marco from comment #17)
> * In the spec file, what exactly is `Source4` used for?

Contains some things related to packaging (icon, desktop menu, etc.). I might
remove it entirely at some point.
It's unpacked in the %autosetup macro:

%autosetup -a 4 -p1

> * Is the package going to be made available in CentOS? If yes, on what
> schedule is CentOS/RHEL going to update the package? Is there a chance that
> EOL version are offered in the package manager? See

I'm planning to build it also on CentOS/RHEL 7+ (stuff is already in the spec
I just plan to build the latest version. Maintaining minor releases of previous
version in EPEL might be an option (ex. 0.20.1 in EPEL when 0.21 gets released
in Fedora), but I don't really see the point honestly. Might be that at one
point due to dependencies it's not possible to build the latest for EPEL, so in
that case a maintained old release or bundling of some libraries could be an

Regarding EOL releases, no, no plan to keep EOL releases alive.

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