--- Comment #2 from John Baublitz <> ---
Hi Robert-André, thanks for looking into this. I'm not entirely clear on all of
the feedback here.

I checked and see that the LICENSE and files are missing from the
crate so that I can take care of upstream for sure.

With regards to the comment "devel should depend on libs + use pkgconfig in the
auto-BR part" can you clarify a little bit? Do you mean add this line:

echo 'pkgconfig(libcryptsetup)'

and remove this line:

BuildRequires:  cryptsetup-devel

Will pkgconfig pull in the dependency on cryptsetup-devel? That's needed for
the header file from which bindgen generates the bindings.

With regards to the comment "Package devel should also Requires
pkgconfig(libcryptsetup) (When the package is installed, it is to be used in
building a project thus requiring the libraries)", is this necessary so that
applications that use the library pull in the proper runtime dependencies? Will
this propagate to applications that pull in this library as a crate dependency?

Thanks for your help!

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