I will suggest slow down a bit.

You should automate something that you know it words and ideally you have
done it properly.

We know packer works so is not a packer issues, is "how I do xxx with
packer", but the issue in reality is "how do i xxx"

My suggestion will be do this first without packer, and then give a shot to
packer, you will learn about the process and you will able to move faster.

1. Manual install

Create a new VM on vmware, put the iso on it, do a instalattion, end with a
VM you can login with user and password you want.

2. First try with kickstart
Take /root/anaconda-ks.cfg file as example for an installer, review
commented section around disk partition, replace password with a
non-scripted one, comment out the current one.
If there is a line that say shutdown in the ks, replace it with reboot.

put this kickstart in some webserver in your network

Create a new VM
map the iso
edit the boot like to add at the end  ks=http://

wait to see if your vm install 100% un-attended, and its waiting for lognin
login with user/pass
shutdown the VM

3. First packer VM
use this kickstart as IS, no extra changes in packer, get a basic VM that
does nothing other than install.

When you have a working paker installation move 1 change at the time.


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