I would like to be able to automate AMI's of our daily build using the same 
technique as in the 
page: http://work.haufegroup.io/automate-ami-with-packer/. Essentially, use 
VMware to create a VM from a kickstart file but the format must be ova and 
then use post-processing to have packer move the VM to AWS as an AMI.

In my current build process I create the VMware VM and use the ovftool to 
add eula and vappsettings and convert to an ova using the following: 

    # Convert the ESX vmx file to an ovf file so the Product, Version, 
Vendor, etc can be added
    ovftool -tt=ovf 
    if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
        echo "VM build failed: Failed to convert the $VMDIR vmx to an ovf 

    # Insert the vAppSettings.txt file into the ovf file just created
    sed -n -i -e '/  <\/VirtualSystem>/r 
/opt/IBM/cmdBuild/workspace/ranger/nightly_builds/vAppSettings.txt' -e 1x 
-e '2,${x;p}' -e '${x;p}' $VMDIR/$VMDIR_ovf/$VMDIR/$VMDIR.ovf

    # Convert the ovf file just created to an ova file after adding in the 
Product, Version, Vendor, etc. info
    ovftool -tt=ova --skipManifestCheck $VMDIR/$VMDIR_ovf/$VMDIR/$VMDIR.ovf 
    if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
        echo "VM build failed: Failed to convert the $VMDIR vmx to an ova 

However, I would like to be able to add eula and vAppSettings to the VMware 
VM but I cannot find how to do it with packer. Therefore, my question is, 
is it possible to add an eula and vAppSettings using packer?

More generally, is it possible to add command line options to packer for 
when it calls ovftool. Right now if I specify "format": "ova" in my json 
file, packer calls of ovf tool as follows:

vmware-iso: Executing: ovftool --noSSLVerify=true --skipManifestCheck 
-tt=ova vi://root:****@emtesx/ZoneRanger ZoneRanger

But can I add or control what command line options are used with ovftool?

Thank you.

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