Thanks Megan. I'll give that a try for adding the eula but I still can't 
find a solution for the VM description information such as the version, 
product name, vendor information. Right now I am using sed to insert the 
follwoing information into the ovf file before I convert it to an ova file.

    <ProductSection ovf:required="false">
      <Info>VM ISV branding information</Info>
      <Product>Amce Rocket</Product>
      <Vendor>Amce Rocket Co.</Vendor>
            Version is the actual product version in the
            form X.X.X.X where X is an unsigned 16-bit integer.

            FullVersion is a descriptive version string
            including, for example, alpha or beta designations
            and other release criteria.
      <Annotation>Acme Rocket 6.0</Annotation>

On Monday, February 12, 2018 at 11:42:06 AM UTC-5, Megan Marsh wrote:
> I think you may be looking for the "ovftool_options" feature: 

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