Thank Alvaro, that's what I have been doing but I wanted to use the method 
on this webpage:

to create an ami which requires formatting the VM as an ova file. That 
means adding a post-processor as shown in the page above but the metadata 
would need to be added before packer does the post-processing.

Is there a way I can run a script that does what I need have then have 
packer produce the ova from the result.

Right now, in a script I do the following to insert the metadata into the 
ovf file and then use ovftool to create the ova myself.

    # Insert the vAppSettings.txt file into the ovf file just created
    sed -n -i -e '/  <\/VirtualSystem>/r 
/opt/IBM/cmdBuild/workspace/ranger/nightly_builds/vAppSettings.txt' -e 1x 
-e '2,${x;p}' -e '${x;p}' $VMDIR/$VMDIR_ovf/$VMDIR/$VMDIR.ovf

    # Convert the ovf file just created to an ova file after adding in the 
Product, Version, Vendor, etc. info
    ovftool -tt=ova --skipManifestCheck $VMDIR/$VMDIR_ovf/$VMDIR/$VMDIR.ovf 
    if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
        echo "VM build failed: Failed to convert the $VMDIR vmx to an ova 

I can figure out how to get the ova I am current building to AWS but I was 
hoping to have packer do it.

On Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 6:21:03 AM UTC-5, Alvaro Miranda Aguilera 
> Hello
> You can use ovftool from VMWare
> Metadata inclusion. Additional metadata, such as an end-user license 
> agreement, can be packaged with the OVF and displayed before installation

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