So, just for clarity the 2nd error I'm still getting is:

==> docker2k12r2: Killing the container: 
Build 'docker2k16' errored: Error processing command: Error uploading ps 
script containing env vars: Failed to upload to 
in container: destination 
must be a directory
. exit status 1.

But I'm trying to push PowerShell scripts at the moment for provisioning - 
so after your reply, I'll look again!

The previous error with the windows environment var was:

==> Some builds didn't complete successfully and had errors:
--> docker2k16: Error running container: Docker exited with a non-zero exit 
Stderr: docker: Error response from daemon: invalid volume specification: 

And what seemed to fix it for me was adding the environment 
var PACKER_TMP_DIR=c:\tmp and also in the JSON template, you need to 
specifify a more windows path for the container folder:

"type": "docker",

   "image": "microsoft/windowsservercore", 

   "container_dir": "c:/app",

At least a container would spin up after setting these.  It *may* help 
someone else.


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