The below method you suggested works perfect for me :

"execute_command": "{{.Vars}} var1={{user `arg1`}} var2={{user `arg2`}} sudo 
-E -S bash '{{.Path}' "

But when the var1=test-packer-prov or var1=test.packer.prov then it fails 
with the "command not found" error.
 Where as if var1=test_packer_prov it works perfectly.

What I tried to add the escape \ with - the JSON parsing fails.

I am trying to use inline/file provision upload method(


On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 4:14:52 PM UTC+8, Alvaro Miranda Aguilera 
> hello
> if you can share what and how are you doing (and theres time explaining 
> why?) then will be easier to help you
> so far you are to the point you can have variables in packer and then use 
> them in the guest vm
> if you are having issues, perhaps you can use a file
> packer can provision a file and then on the script you can source the file 
> to have all the variables.
> special characters are hard since it may be interpreted somewhere.
> if I had to do this, probably will use shell local to put put the 
> variables in a file, or have them in a file already and then use them in 
> the VM.
> Alvaro

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