I am planning to move one of my projects from plain Dockerfiles to Packer 

I currently have two images built with Dockerfiles composing one 
docker-compose.yml project as followed.

version: '3'
    build: Dockerfile.web
     - "5000:5000"
    build: Dockerfile.db

My question was: should I use one package.json per Dockerfile or should I 
build both images from the same package.json?

I have seen we can use several builders and post-processors with Packer but 
of what I understand, this feature mostly targets the use case of building 
the same image for various platforms (e.g. Docker + Vagrant) at the same 

For my case here, I would like to build two different images not related to 
each others and using different provisioning roles in a same playbook.

Usually, a unique Ansible playbook script is used to provision several 
images according to its inventory (here I would have the web container and 
db container in the inventory), but I am not sure I can do this with Packer.

Thanks in advance,


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