Hey all,

Am using the WinRM communicator with Packer 1.2.1 using the vmware-iso 

I get the WinRM timeout unless I specify the IP address of the target VM 
using "winrm_host".  My packer exe is on a different subnet to the target 
VM but there is routing in place, as demonstrated that it works with 
the winrm_host setting.

When i run a 'netstat -ano | findstr "5985"' on my test machine (where 
Packer is running) I can see that there is no attempt by the test machine 
to 'talk' to the target VM.  However, if I specify the winrm_host setting, 
I see the test PC trying to connect on 5985 to the target VM's IP.

I hope I am doing something glaringly wrong and you can tell me to stop 
being daft.  I have checked a fair few docks, example JSON files, etc, and 
can't get a working solution.  Any help would be gratefully received.



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