PacketFence Zero Effort NAC (ZEN) consists of a fully installed and 
preconfigured version of PacketFence 2.0.0 inside a VMWare image. The 
ZEN edition of PacketFence allows you to rapidly get PacketFence running 
in your network environment.

=== What is PacketFence ? ===

PacketFence is an open-source network access control (NAC) system which 
provides an impressive list of supported features. Among them, there are :

    * Registration using a captive portal
    * Detection of abnormal network activities using Snort
    * Proactive vulnerability scans using Nessus
    * Isolation of problematic devices
    * Remediation through a captive portal
    * 802.1X for wired and wireless networks
    * Wireless integration for all provided features
    * DHCP fingerprinting and more!

A set of screenshots demonstrating PacketFence is available from and a set of videos is 
available from

=== Changes Since Previous Release ===

PacketFence ZEN 2.0.0 is a major release bringing new features, new 
hardware support, several enhancements, improvements to documentation 
and a load of small fixes. It includes:

  * Improvements from the upstream PacketFence 2.0.0 release
  * The deployment procedure for VMWare ESX and Workstation/Fusion has 
been simplified
  * Updated the base operating system to 64-bit with all available 
security updates

For the complete list of changes in PacketFence 2.0.0 see

=== Getting PacketFence ===

PacketFence ZEN is free software and is distributed under the GNU GPL. 
As such, you are free to download and try it by either getting the new 
release from :

or by getting the sources from the official monotone server using the 
instructions at :

Documentation about the installation and configuration of PacketFence is 
available from :

=== How Can I Help ? ===

PacketFence is a collaborative effort in order to create the best Free 
and Open Source NAC solution. There are multiple ways you can contribute 
to the project :

  * Documentation reviews, enhancements and translations
  * Feature requests or by sharing your ideas
  * Participate in the discussion on mailing lists 
  * Patches for bugs or enhancements
  * Provide new translations of remediation pages

=== Getting Support ===

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by writing to

You can also fill our online form 
( and a representative from 
Inverse will contact you.

Inverse offers professional services to organizations willing to secure 
their wired and wireless networks with the PacketFence solution.

Ludovic Marcotte  ::  +1.514.755.3630  ::
Inverse inc. :: Leaders behind SOGo ( and PacketFence 

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