The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of 
PacketFence 4.2.2. This is a minor release with enhancements and bug fixes. 
This release is considered ready for production use and upgrading from 4.2.1 is 
strongly advised.


 - Rework logging to make it easier to follow the flow of registration
 - Allow users to login to see node in status page
 - pf-maint script uses new branch structure

Bug Fixes

 - Remove double saving of iptables
 - Do a configreload hard only during a pf restart not everytime you restart
 - Fixed undefined function and HP Controller module
 - Fixed a test in pfsetvlan
 - Allow old gaming-registration URL to work
 - If node is not found in the database then use the default profile
 - Fixed logging in dispatcher
 - Fixed deletion of a user failing
 - Compute unregdate and save the role for autoreg 802.1x
 - Fixed portal profile URI filter in new Catalyst-based captive-portal
 - RADIUS accounting fixed to call the correct method to parse the RADIUS 

See the source repository for the complete list of changes:

See the UPGRADE file for notes about upgrading:

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