Over the past few months at Inverse, we completely reworked the Fingerbank (http://www.fingerbank.org) project.

The idea to transform the Fingerbank project into a thorough device fingerprinting solution started from the development of PacketFence <http://www.packetfence.org>, our Network Access Control solution. PacketFence uses and collects more than only DHCP fingerprints to uniquely identify devices connected to a network.

We build our database from DHCP fingerprints, but also MAC address patterns and browser User-Agents. We are already in the process of adding other fingerprinting technologies such as SSL options ordering , TCP-level checks, UAProf and more.

While reworking the project, we also created a Web front-end application to our Fingerbank project. It is available from here: https://fingerbank.inverse.ca/

To automate the process of querying Fingerbank, we also provide a public Web API that developers can use for free. The API documentation is available here: https://fingerbank.inverse.ca/api_doc

You can also download the whole database as a SQLite file from here: https://fingerbank.inverse.ca/download. We currently have over 4200 device fingerprints and we have a lot more to import in the next few days.

The solution we put in place will allow us to grow our database much more efficiently. It will also allow easier contributions from the community. Finally, our Web API allows any application out there to query our database in order to properly identify devices.

We encourage you to use our Fingerbank project and contribute to it. PacketFence will also soon be tightly integrated with the new Fingerbank project.

If you have any question, please contact us at i...@inverse.ca <mailto:i...@inverse.ca>.


Ludovic Marcotte
lmarco...@inverse.ca   ::  +1.514.755.3630  ::http://inverse.ca
Inverse inc. :: Leaders behind SOGo (http://sogo.nu) and PacketFence 

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