The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of 
PacketFence 4.7.0. 

This is a major release with new features, enhancements and important bug 
This release is considered ready for production use and upgrading from 4.6.1 is 
strongly advised.

What is PacketFence ?

PacketFence is a fully supported, trusted, Free and Open Source Network Access 
Control (NAC) solution. Boasting an impressive feature set, PacketFence can be 
used to effectively secure small to very large heterogeneous networks.

Among the features provided by PacketFence, there are:

        • Powerful BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) capabilities
        • Simple and efficient guests management
        • Multiple enforcement methods with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
        • Compliance checks for endpoints present on your network
        • Integration with various vulnerability scanners, intrusion detection 
solutions and firewalls
        • Bandwidth accounting for all devices

A complete overview of the solution is available from the official website:

Changes Since Previous Release

New Features

        • The admin GUI is now customizable.
        • New category filter on portal profile allows to select a portal based 
on existing role of a device.
        • New PacketFence-config service allows effortless scaling to thousands 
of switches and reduces memory use.


        • Nodes are now searchable by status
        • Removed SSLv3 and legacy ciper suites support from default httpd 
configuration to prevent POODLE exploit and FREAK attack.
        • Added an option to display Bypass VLAN of a node in the Admin GUI.
        • Added nested groups support for Active Directory.
        • It is now possible to check if a device has already authenticated as 
member of an Active-Directory domain prior to user authentication.
        • Improved portal language detection.
        • Devices will now avoid autocorrect / uppercasing the login field in 
the captive portal.
        • Now supports roaming without SNMP on Aerohive APs.

Bug Fixes

        • Fixed broken default behaviour when receiving an SNMP trap.
        • Fixed email confirmation template for sponsor.
        • Fixed email subject encoding.
        • Fixes allowing a non-sponsored user to verify a sponsored email 
        • Fixed invalid floating device creation where the MAC address was not 
        • Fixed the date range search in node advanced search.

See for 
the complete change log.

See the UPGRADE file for notes about upgrading:

Getting PacketFence

PacketFence is free software and is distributed under the GNU GPL. As such, you 
are free to download and try it by either getting the new release or by getting 
the sources:

Documentation about the installation and configuration of PacketFence is also 

How Can I Help ?

PacketFence is a collaborative effort in order to create the best Free and Open 
Source NAC solution. There are multiple ways you can contribute to the project:

        • Documentation reviews, enhancements and translations
        • Feature requests or by sharing your ideas
        • Participate in the discussion on mailing lists 
        • Patches for bugs or enhancements
        • Provide new translations of remediation pages

Getting Support

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by writing to
You can also fill our online form ( 
and a representative from Inverse will contact you.
Inverse offers professional services to organizations willing to secure their 
wired and wireless networks with the PacketFence solution.

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