Hello list members,

We just released a minor update. 
PF 5.0.1 is out.

This release is a bug fix only. No new features were introduced.


        • A number of strings have seen their translations improved.
        • The Debian and Ubuntu documentation has been split and made clearer.
        • Detailed which features may not work in active/active cluster mode in 
the documentation.

Bug Fixes

        • Added missing CHI File driver.
        • Delete left over Config::Fingerprint module in Debian and Ubuntu.
        • Fixed pfmon not starting when running a standalone PF server.
        • Fixed broken OS reporting.
        • Added missing dependency on perl-SOAP-Lite for 
        • Updating iplog without a lease time now reset end_time to default 
(0000-00-00 00:00:00) to avoid "closing" a valid entry
        • fixed pfcmd watch emailing functionality.
        • dhcpd will now properly obey the "disabled" configuration.

If you are already running 5.0.0 you may get the same code and fixes by running 
the /usr/local/pf/addons/pf-maint.pl script which will apply the same patches.

This release is merely a convenience for people upgrading from earlier releases 
or installing from scratch.

See https://github.com/inverse-inc/packetfence/blob/stable/NEWS.asciidoc for 

Best regards from Inverse,
Louis Munro
lmu...@inverse.ca  ::  www.inverse.ca 
+1.514.447.4918 x125  :: +1 (866) 353-6153 x125
Inverse inc. :: Leaders behind SOGo (www.sogo.nu) and PacketFence 

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