Hello list members,

We just released a minor update. 
PF 5.0.2 is out.

This release is a bug fix only. No new features were introduced.

Added availables options (submit unknowns and update database) to the 
Fingerbank Settings page.
PacketFence will now leave clients.conf.inc empty if cluster mode is disabled.

Bug Fixes
PacketFence will longer unregister a device in pending state if the device is 
hitting the portal more than once while in "pending" state.
Fixed broken violation release process.
Fixed multiple lines returning from pfconfig.
Fixed undefined variables in portal template files.
Fixed provisioners OS detection with Fingerbank.

If you are already running 5.0.1 you may get the same code and fixes by running 
the /usr/local/pf/addons/pf-maint.pl script which will apply the same patches.

This release is merely a convenience for people upgrading from earlier releases 
or installing from scratch.

See https://github.com/inverse-inc/packetfence/blob/stable/NEWS.asciidoc for 

Best regards from Inverse,
Louis Munro
lmu...@inverse.ca  ::  www.inverse.ca 
+1.514.447.4918 x125  :: +1 (866) 353-6153 x125
Inverse inc. :: Leaders behind SOGo (www.sogo.nu) and PacketFence 

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