Hey Devs,

I have completed the Danish translation of the packetfence.po using the 
Transifex project. I have created the folder 
/usr/local/pf/conf/locale/da_DK/LC_MESSAGES/ and put the translated file there, 
and renamed it to packetfence.po.

I have then, as root, run /usr/bin/msgfmt packetfence.po and can see that 
packetfence.mo has been created and 'strings packetfence.mo' shows that the 
translations exist.
I have set permissions on /usr/local/pf/conf/locale/da_DK and subfolders/files 
to pf:pf

I have restarted Packetfence:

'pfcmd service pf restart'

Still, when I go to Configuration -> Portal Profiles -> Captive Portal and adds 
a language, I see no option for da_DK in the list. I suspect that a reference 
to the available languages are missing somewhere in PacketFence. How do I get 
to use my newly translated language?

Best regards,


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