Hey Devs,

In my portal module, I am using two sponsor based authentication modules - one 
for visitors which require the visitor to enter a sponsors email, and one for 
employees which should not require the user to enter the sponsor email, but 
requires a custom field.

Visitor module works as it should, but the employee guest registration needs a 
bit of work.

What I want to achieve is:

If the form contains the mandatory field "custom_field_9", then the sponsor 
email field should be hidden on the form, and prepopulated with an email 
address. This way, when an employee wants to register a device, an email will 
just be sent to IT to approve the access.

I have tried modifying signin.html, but I am not very strong in HTML or perl. 
Any help to achieve the above would be greatly appreciated.

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards,

Jes Kasper Klittum
Head of IT

Ahornvej 1,
DK-4780 Stege

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