There does exist Packetfence translation file for Latvian language in


So I have added *.po and *.mo files for Latvian language from transifex into
lv_LV subdirectory, same way as  other languages:
/usr/local/pf/conf/locale/lv_LV/ .

This files are not 100% translated, but they have translation for all ever
needed parts (as we anyway prefer to have admin interface in English anyway,
and need just connection messages in local language).  

But files *.mo / *.po files are not a concern (we can translate anything
missing easy) – problem is that there is no Latvian language at all in the
list of available languages when configure access profiles. There are
multiple different languages (less than exist on transifex), so there must
be somewhere configuration of this list:


All language files which are in the list, exist in respective folders. So
there are also  Latvian language files, but for Latvian there is no entry in
the list. I can’t find any file where this list is configured, so may be
this language list is just hard-coded into respective scripts? It would be
not a problem also, if there would be documented which scripts I need to
edit to add a language.


Please, advice how to get Latvian language added to list -- it is not
described in documentation or elsewhere.  


Thanks in advance,






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