Hi PacketFence devel,

Thanks for your great congratulations and support.

I have 2 questions.

I want to integrate the captive portal with new hardware.
The mac address, ip address and other information should be parsed by the
external portal, and it needs to be customized.

In this case, I cannot use the switch template based customization,
but I need to add a new pm module in pf/lib/pf/Switch
Is my understanding correct?

If I add a NewSwitch.pm in pf/lib/pf/Switch/ in the running server,
I still cannot see it in the admin GUI even if I restarted the server.
What is the procedure to make this visible in the GUI?
I don't have the code file yet,
I just want to try, test and contribute when it is fully working.

Any feedback will highly be appreciated.

Thank you.
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