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Temat: Cisco 3650 switch configuration problem - integrated Wireless Lan Controller WLC
Data:   Mon, 30 Jan 2017 12:01:41 +0100
Nadawca:        Łukasz KRAJNIK <l.kraj...@wsosp.pl>
Adresat:        packetfence-us...@lists.sourceforge.net


I am new with PacketFence - but basically what i want to achieve is to
configure Cisco 3650 with build in Wireless Lan Controller to work with

I read all packetfence support documentation and already I believe that
correctly I configured wired MAB AUTHENTICATION ,

precisely  now I can connect new laptop to cisco 3650 and whet
authentication order is set to mab dot1x this laptop authenticate and
VLAN is set to register, after I open browser and authenticate with
local prepared test user

I am redirecting to default VLAN.  But now I need to configure wireless
connection. How can I do it when my WLC is on the same box with 3650 switch?

Could anyone advice me what should I do in such configuration???

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