Attached is a modified version of the current hostapd.sh script shipping
with LEDE.

It adds all required variables for PF dynamic VLANs, similar to the version
we posted for Chaos Calmer 15.05.

The EAP components were not tested, but should work the same as they did

If someone with commit access could kindly update the addons.

Given the wide changeset in terms of firmware, security fixes and supported
hardware, an upgrade to LEDE should be a no brainer for anyone currently
using OpenWRT based hostapd.

We are currently using hostapd with LEDE 17.01.1 (ar71xx, kirkwood) devices
with the recently released Packetfence 7.1.0-1 (Debian) and have
evergreened stable deployments since OpenWRT 14 and Packefence 6.

We really appreciate the work Inverse does.

Here are a few additions from our experience that might be useful for those

In section 4.1:

If you are working by command line, the default install is using wpad-mini
so you will need to remove and add the required packages

Check your Packages
root@Lobby:~# opkg list-installed | grep hostapd
root@Lobby:~# opkg list-installed | grep wpad

Are you Uptodate
root@Lobby:~# opkg update
root@Lobby:~# opkg list-upgradable

Typical Change from Factory LEDE
root@Lobby:~# opkg update
root@Lobby:~# opkg remove wpad-mini
root@Lobby:~# opkg install wpad hostapd-common

If you are replicating configurations between devices, make sure your
ula_prefix is unique in /etc/config/network. In earlier OpenWRT versions,
APs within range of each other used to crash when they were not unique,
even though we were only configuring and routing IPv4 on the interfaces.

In section 4.4:

option vlan_naming '0' should be option vlan_naming '1'

With multiple wifi-iface sections, even those with option disabled '1' will
persist duplicate items in your /var/run/hostapd-phyX.conf often confusing
anyone with legacy configuration hanging around in
/etc/config/wireless   Unfortunately
due to the dae restrictions, when using dae, often a single SSID is only
used, and it is important not to have bad configuration options in other
disabled SSIDs that overlap with your functional SSID.

In section 4.6

Use #logread to catch errors in your configuration
Use #wifi to reload your configuration


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