Hello devs!

I was wondering if there were any tutorial / details / examples on how to
add an additional parameter to a switch module.

In the past, with the previous GUI (pre 9.0), I had done it relatively
easily... but with the new GUI im not very sure on how to do so.

The idea is to add a "REST-deauth" setting given the choice of performing a
"disconnect" or an "authorize" when changing roles / allowing initial
access after registration.

Depending on the deployment topology for ruckus smartzone, you need to call
the "authorize" or the "disconnect" method (it depends if the controller is
acting as radius proxy or not, etc).

Right now, in my topology, I just edited the ruckus.pm code to replace the
API call, but it would be good to expose it as a configurable parameter.

Are there any suggestions / code examples I could look at? do any of the
switch modules have any custom properties added to the gui?

thanks in advance!
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