Hello sir, I hope you are well. I am currently working on my thesis for my 
university degree. I chose Packetfence for the many services it provides, the 
fluidity of its documentation and the possibility to integrate several security 
solutions. For 1 month now, I'm stuck on two levels and I'm really chased by 
time. I have to do it quickly. I have already worked well on other solutions 
like Cisco ISE but I preferred to choose packetfence.
Let me explain my problem:
My architecture is as follows: I have an AD server, a version 15.2 switch, a 
windows 10 test pc. I followed the documentation, I installed the PF ISO, I 
created 3 vlan (For 3 groups) I managed to connect PF to AD, I got the 
Fingerbank API, I added the authentication source, I added the sw to pf, I 
configured the profile, I used win 10 for the test. I configured the switch, 
recreated the vlans, and ip helper-add to the pf. Every time I connect the 
windows 10, it says authentication failed. and on the switch dot1x failed. The 
test pc can't get dhcp server addresses. What to do please need your help.
I am looking forward to your help.

Best regards,

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