I have been looking for a way to limit a user's amount that they can
attempt to login and fail to authenticate before Packetfence would stop
them from trying to login again for a certain amount of time.  I was trying
to find information on the matter and couldn't seem to find any answers
pertaining to this problem.

We have been having this problem with some of our End Users that have old
passwords saved in devices and it locking them out of LDAP when the device
tries to authenticate with PacketFence over and over.  So they login to our
WPA-Enterprise Network with their LDAP credentials and then hit the device
registration captive portal.

Would 'Login Attempt Limit' under 'Portal Profiles' > 'Captive Portal' be a
good way of going about this?  Or does this only effect the the account
when they are at the Captive Portal page after being verified through the
basic Wireless Network setup?  Could I also set it up to push them to a
different page when this happens to alert them to the fact their
credentials are not correct and/or unregister the device?  Also is there a
way to search the logs or set up logging so that when someone fails a login
with a device we can see the Account they were trying to use and the Device
MAC or Device information?

With our users coming on and off site at different intervals many times
they often forget to change all their devices passwords.

Thanks for any help and insight you may have.

*Diaz, Jonathan*
Networking Department
Cowee Hall, Troy
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