Hi Derek,

Many thanks for getting back to me.  I’ve investigated further this morning and 
saw that the sponsor was in 2 sources but only 1 was marked as sponsor, so when 
the process iterated through the available sources it matched on the one that 
wasn’t marked as sponsor.  Soon fixed that!  Now I get a different error 

[mac:b8:ca:3a:85:ce:ce] Caught exception in 
captiveportal::Controller::Activate::Email->doSponsorRegistration "SMTP 
recipient() command failed:
5.7.1 Unable to relay
" (captiveportal::PacketFence::Controller::Root::end)

Which I assume is to do with security on our email server.

As ever – Many thanks for the help.



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Can you send the log file ?
Looks like there may be a problem with matching the provided sponsor… (error 
message displayed on the portal seems incomplete...)


Derek Wuelfrath

On Oct 14, 2016, at 04:22, Morgan, Darren 
<dmor...@oundleschool.org.uk<mailto:dmor...@oundleschool.org.uk>> wrote:

I now no longer get the error, but when we try to authorise the guest with any 
of the users from the Sponsors group we get the message that they do not have 
permission.  As you can see from the previous .conf files I’ve marked the users 
in the Sponsers source as ‘sponsor=1’

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