I fixed it this but I'm not sure I'm breaking something else:

[root@srvpf pf]# diff -Naur sbin/pfdns.orig sbin/pfdns
--- sbin/pfdns.orig     2017-08-08 18:40:40.006571993 +0200
+++ sbin/pfdns  2017-08-08 18:42:53.040963724 +0200
@@ -448,7 +448,7 @@
     my $query_non_filtered = resolve_with_cache("A", $qname);
     my @ip_port_pairs;
     if ($query_non_filtered) {
- push @ip_port_pairs, format_query_to_ip_port($query_non_filtered, $HTTP_PORT, $HTTPS_PORT); + push @ip_port_pairs, format_query_to_ip_port($query_non_filtered, $HTTP_PORT, $HTTPS_PORT, @$ports);
         push @ans, $query_non_filtered->answer;
         if (@ans) {
             $results{rcode} = "NOERROR";

Il 08/08/2017 17:44, Cristian Mammoli via PacketFence-users ha scritto:
Poking in the code I found that pfdns calls matches_passthrough in lib/pf/util/dns.pm which returns the following (with data dumper):

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