I've dug as deep as possible into the mailing lists and documentation, and 
tried numerous different ways I've found to setup an SSID from a Meraki MR AP 
to utilize Packetfence, but I've had no luck.

My Network:
Packetfence has one interface which is a trunk

  *   Main IP:
  *   Registration: (VLAN 801)
  *   Isolation: (VLAN 802)

Meraki Device is

In Packetfence, I have the Meraki MR AP internal IP ( added as a 
Switch, as type Meraki::MR_v2. Role by Switch Role has default as "Authorized 
devices" and Guest as "Guest". Role by Web Auth URL has registration set to

In the Meraki portal, I have followed all the steps in 

When I try to connect to the SSID (PacketFenceTest), it prompts me for a 

What am I doing wrong, or can someone point me in the right direction? My end 
goal is to have a single SSID that will provide Guest access if the device is 
not registered, or employee access if the device is registered.

Tom Callahan
Assistant Vice President, Infrastructure
The Baltimore Life Insurance Company
443.681.7695 (direct)
410.382.1093 (cell)

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